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re: Reminder : general stats infos


Stat Summaries

Strength: Increases the damage and healing done by your abilities and slightly improves your Critical Chance.

Accuracy Rating: Increases the chance that your attacks will successfully hit the target. 100% Ranged/Melee Accuracy and 110% Force/Tech Accuracy is the optimal amount to obtain for PvE and is obtained at ~395 Accuracy Rating.

Critical Rating: Increases your Critical Chance for scoring a critical hit. A base critical hit does an additional 50% damage/healing for a minimum of 150% damage/healing on a critical attack. The value of Critical Rating decreases above 25% Critical Chance.

Surge Rating: Increases the Critical Multiplier for damage done by a critical hit. Surge Rating increases the amount of additional damage/healing done by a critical hit by up to an additional 50% damage for critical hits that do up to 200% normal damage/healing. The value of Surge Rating decreases above 70% Critical Multiplier which is obtained at ~395 Surge Rating.

Power/Force Power: Increases the bonus damage/healing of your abilities. Power is available on armor and item modifications while Force Power is only available on weapons. The effects of these two stats are similar. Power increases all damage/healing done while Force Power only benefits your Force abilities.

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