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re: TSW : Join the Scenario Weekend!


Join the Scenario Weekend!

Join the Scenario Weekend!

A brand new Scenario Weekend has just begun! Play now to claim free gifts and enjoy great bonuses.


The Scenario Weekend starts today and lasts until Monday the 17th of November. While the event lasts you get the following bonuses:


50% Extra Aureus! – Every time you earn Aureus of Initiation in Scenarios, you earn 50% extra! This happens both when you get these tokens as loot and when you get them as a reward at the end of a completed Scenario.


Free Cooldown Removers – Simply log in during the weekend to claim five Venetian Exemptions for free from the Item Shop! These can be claimed once per account. Every use of these items removes all current Scenario cooldowns.


Great Deal on Funcom Points! – During the Scenario Weekend you get 30% extra Bonus Points every time you purchase Funcom Points! Bonus Points are valid for 6 months towards any in-game purchase.


A Scenario Weekend is a great time to get ready for Tokyo! Head on over to the Sunken Library in Venice to take on different Scenarios and gain the access to Tokyo from the Council of Venice. Issue #10 is coming soon, and offers even more great story, content and game systems in Tokyo you don't want to miss!


Doing Scenarios also opens up the deep Augment System, which allows you to gain even more power and more choices to customize your character. For those of you still unsure what Augments and Scenarios are, take a look at this guide to the special content:


Augments and Scenarios


Introduced with Issue #8, Scenarios are a unique type of content which offer virtual training in the headquarters of The Council of Venice. Augments give a rich new layer to character development, by letting you enhance your Active Abilities with powerful Augments, giving you more tactical choices than ever before!




Anyone can enter Venice through Agartha and play the Seek and Preserve Scenario taking place in Hotel Wahid. To get access to the Nightmare version of this Scenario and the rest of the Scenarios you need to buy Issue #8 in the Item Shop or the Scenarios themselves as individual upgrades.


The Scenarios offer brutal challenges full of random encounters and events. They can be played by either one, two or a full team of players and four different types of difficulty setting may be chosen.


This virtual training is conducted by The Council of Venice to get as many as possible ready for the challenges which await in Tokyo. The Scenarios drill you in saving the civilian population from swarms of monsters and random events.


The better you perform in these Scenarios the more Aureus of Initiation you will be rewarded with. These tokens can be used to purchase both new epic gear, certification to the upcoming Tokyo playfield and toolkits which are used in the crafting process for making the new Augments.




Augments are tools which let you fine tune your Abilities and reach new levels of power. The better the resonance with the Anima they can create, the more powerful their Abilities can become. This is what Augments are – tuning forks which lets the players channel the power of Gaia better than ever.


You get unattuned Augments as loot from bosses in Scenarios. Only the lowest tier of Augments drop in their attuned form, and can therefore be used right away. (These are the four green Augments.)


Hover your mouse over an unattuned Augment to see what crafting resources you need to attune it. For this process you will also need a kit which can be purchased with Aureus from the vendors in Venice.


Once you have gathered all you need, put everything in your crafting window and receive a brand new attuned Augment. This Augment can now be learned permanently by right-clicking on it in your inventory (consuming it).


However to do so you need to have spent Skill Points to learn the skill associated with this Augment (either Damage, Support, Healing and Survivability), and you need to have enough Ability Points saved up to learn it.


After consuming the Augment it now has become available in your Augment Wheel. From there you can attach it to your active Abilities to give them bonuses. Augments give all sorts of bonuses and let you customize your build to an even greater extent than before.


Also remember that there are not only tons of different Augments, but also that they come in different rarities and that all of them have five different Quality Levels.


So get out there people! The Scenarios and Augments await and this weekend is a great opportunity to seize this new power!

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