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re: TSW : Issue 12 trailer & infos



Issue #12: To the Dark Tower Below is here!

Issue #12: To the Dark Tower Below is here!

Get ready for a brand new Dungeon and a host of new features with the newest update to The Secret World!


In Issue #12: To the Dark Tower Below you get to take on the all new Manufactory Dungeon in Tokyo. Daimon Kiyota has grand plans to cripple the Orochi Corporation even further.


Beneath their massive tower lies the powerful Manufactory, mass producing drones, mechs and cyborgs. Fight your way through its immense defenses to lay waste to this war machine, but also to discover the secrets which lie within.


The Manufactory is accessible through the Dungeon branches in Agartha, and Issues #9 - #11 are not required to play or purchase it, but having reached level 5 on your AEGIS Weapon Controllers is recommended before taking it on.


All New Trailer

Catch the all new Issue #12 Trailer here, to see what brutal new foes await you!


Early Access

Issue #12: To the Dark Tower Below is now available in the Item Shop for everyone who is a Member. Early access lasts three days.


Collector's Edition

The all new Collector's Edition of Issue #12 is also available in the Item Shop. It includes these exclusive, account-wide items: the Orochi Scorpius-Mini pet, the Orochi Personal Devastator Epic Gadget and the Kitties of Ulthar t-shirt.


Brand New Features

Issue #12 introduces many other game changing features, which touch every aspect of The Secret World:

– Daily Challenges: Enjoy many new challenges which update every day and week to reap powerful rewards which allow you to improve the best gear in the game even further!
– New Token System: All tokens in the game have been combined and you now only need Black Bullion or Marks of the Pantheon.
– Two Fresh Raids: The Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (Flappy) and the Eidolon of the Outer Dark are now ten man Raids which can be done every three days.
– Massive World Bosses: The final tier of the Lair system now lets you battle huge World Bosses in New England, Egypt and Transylvania.
– Improved Social Window: It is now much easier to use the Social window to find groups for any activity in the game.

Read more about all these new features here.


Part 2 of Issue #12 will follow soon, and it offers a second Dungeon beneath the Orochi Tower, an all new Dungeon Finder, Nightmare Raids and more!


Check out the all new Issue #12 Comic below the Issue cover.



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