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re: STO : New Ingame Feature. Use your old ships


Star Trek Online: Dry Docking

By LaughingTrendy Wed 21 Oct 2015 09:30:00 AM PDT

Dry Docking is an exciting new feature which allows you to store your hard-earned ships for the long term with the convenience of a few clicks, opening up Ship Slots for new arrivals and some old favorites. A Dry Docked ship won’t be available to switch to while it’s in storage, but it’s only a short trip to the nearest ship selector to bring it out of Dry Docking and ready it for action again.

As Dry Docking a ship may mean storing it for an extended stay, you’ll have to re-customize any ships that you store. Since players cannot access a Dry Docked ship’s equipment, everything currently equipped on a ship will be moved into your inventory when the ship enters Dry Dock. The ship’s costumes will be reset and its equipment will be sent to your bags, but it will retain the name you’ve chosen as well as any mastery points you’ve earned while piloting it.

You can access the Dry Docking feature by visiting any ship selector, such as the one in Earth Spacedock, and selecting the new Dry Dock button. While you’re there, you’ll also notice a new tab at the top of the selector which allows you to view any Dry Docked ships and re-activate them.

All players will have access to a handful of Dry Docking slots upon the feature’s release, and Gold Subscribers will automatically be granted access to many more. All players will also have the option to purchase additional Dry Dock slots as needed.

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