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re: STO : Season 11 New Episode: Sunrise


Star Trek Online: Sunrise Rewards – Week 1

By LaughingTrendy Tue 27 Oct 2015 09:12:05 AM PDT

Each week we’ll roll out an additional reward for the Featured Episode “Sunrise.” The first week’s reward is the Quantum Phase Torpedo. In addition, the first completion of this mission on an account will grant a Featured Episode Weekly Reward box. This box gives your choice of an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade or a Captain Specialization Point, which gives the character who opens it a Specialization Point. The weekly reward box, tech upgrade, and specialization point box are all Bound to Account, and may be freely traded between your characters. The Specialization Point box requires the opening character to be level 50 or above. Since “Sunrise” is available starting Tuesday, Oct 27th, this weekly reward box will be available for 9 days (Oct 27th – Nov 5th).

Using highly advanced quantum inhibition technology, Quantum Phase Torpedoes destabilize the quantum state of nearby shield arrays. In addition to delivering a standard Quantum torpedo payload to the primary target, this destabilization damages the shields of nearby enemy ships. High-yield Quantum Phase Torpedoes further refine their quantum interactions, increasing the shield destabilization radius and restoring allied shields within range. Players will receive the Quantum Phase Torpedo at a rank-appropriate Mark, and it can be freely upgraded to Mk XII. Further upgrades will require Technology Points and Dilithium as normal.

The Quantum Phase Torpedo is part of the Quantum Phase Catalysts set. Collect pieces from this set to unlock powerful set bonses:

Quantum Phase Catalysts Set

Phase Transfer Optimizations (2 piece)

This 2 piece bonus increases your Accuracy and doubles the potency of the Quantum Phase shield drain.

Quantum Destabilizing Beam (3 piece)

This 3 piece bonus deals heavy Phaser damage to a single target over 10 seconds. While active, the beam continually drains subsystem power from the target back to your own.

Next week we’ll reveal week two’s reward for “Sunrise.” Stay tuned!

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